About In search for ARARAT

A research project at the course Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Learning from the city and beyond, Mejan Arc – Architecture history and theory, Royal institute of Art, Stockholm, 2014/2015

In the project I take a closer look at the exhibition ARARAT – Alternative Research in Architecture, Resources, Art and Technology at Moderna Museet in Stockholm 1976. ARARAT was a participatory work involving 100 people from different fields pursuing research, artistic activity and social change. The exhibition showed existing alternatives of how to build an ecologically sound society. Unfortunately many of their main ecological concerns remain as urgent and unsolved as in 1976. With the 40 year celebration coming up next year, I want to look in to what methods and strategies they used to convey their message to the public and compare with the current state to see what strategies and methods are to be used in interdisciplinary artistic work today when working with environmental issues and social change.

This project is a pre-study for developing a Nordic network for creative interdisciplinary practical and theoretical work for better understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of ecological transition, together with other Swedish, Finnish and Norweigan artists, researchers and NGO’s. We want to use the 40th anniversary of ARARAT in 2016 as a start to pursue a continuum of processes and out-reaching activities, linking the historical development of interdisciplinary sustainability work in the Nordic countries with the current situation. Inspired by the participatory research methods from ARARAT we are developing co-creational methods on bringing artists and other disciplines together in work with transformation.

Ulrika Jansson